Prosthetic arm for Nick Caiozzo


By: Derek Weaver, Angelica Verde, Eric Baker and Brandon Rossano .

T-Tech students Derek Weaver, Angelica Verde, Eric Baker and Brandon Rossano build a mechanical arm under the direction of teacher Ed Hernandez. The mechanical arm provides Nick an oppourtunity to practice operation a prosthetic limb before he becomes a less flexible adult. Nick's desire to play tennis is well enhanced with the prosthetic arm as he is now able to toss the ball with his left hand and swing with his right hand. Learn More..

64x16 RED LED Marquee


By: Sasha, Amanda, Samantha Landis

RED LED Marquee presents information in a convenient, efficient and technologically advanced manner. LED Marquee use its compact size and limited scrolling feature and easy to read type. It makes presenting a message simple and quick. 64x16 RED LED Marquee uses small LED panel a box of Arduino supplies and a Solid Work sketch. With a help of 9V battery there is no need for any method AC power. A usable library of code is used to function the Matrix. Learn More...

The Electric Cargo Tricycle


By: Mannah Binder, Daniel Espiritu and Ashley Romero.

The Electric Cargo Tricycle is an efficient and reliable way of transportation between local areas without the use of a car. Electric Cargo Tricycle combines the efficicency of a car with a standard bicycle. The project bulids with an addition of largo cargo basket which can be used to carry groceries, other goods, and possibly small children on a bicycle with ease. The entire frame and basket is modeled in SolidWorks and 3D printed a small scale model. Learn More..

Motorized Walker

Motorized Walker

By: Jessica Myles, Jennifer Gensler, Emily Wendt

Motorized Walker allows user to walk normally with the assistance of the walker for balance, like an average walker. Or, the user can decide to step onto a foldout platform and be propelled forward at various speeds. This features allows the user to vary their amount of physical involvement and grants them greater mobility. Each parts is modeled and printed using 3D SolidWorks. The Motorized Walker is comprised of a normal 4 leg walker modified with the addition of a motor and single wheel access system from an electric scooter. The Motorized Walker runs on two 12V lead acid batteries wired in series creating 24 volt electrical system. Learn More...

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