Modern society demands a technology proficient workforce. In order to succeed and flourish in today's job market, a traditional academic plan is no longer enough. At Tustin High School, T-Tech students have the option to choose two different technology pathways which will help prepare them for their post secondary plans. It doesn't matter if a student chooses a 4-yr university, community college or trade program, successful completion of either pathway is sure to set a student apart from the rest.

T-Tech's "hardware" pathway emphasizes traditional engineering practices and curriculum and includes robotics and hands-on applied physics activities. Seniors in this tract will work in the T-Tech's state of the art engineering shop to develop a group "senior project".

Our "software" pathway includes an introduction to computing principles, App development, Arduino, programming (Python, C++, Java) and more. Seniors in this tract will work as a group to solve advanced computing problems and applications.

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